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A message from the Construction Unit, to our clients past, present and future

Like you all, we are working under very different conditions. Sean and Jan are used to working from home so the transition to home working has been straightforward. The only change is that callers may hear a dog barking in the background; we are working on some training on that issue! Our first concern is for people’s physical and mental well-being, but we know some employers, contractors and sub-contractors are worried about paying and getting paid on time.

We are happy to discuss options with you from the legal to the practical. There is no charge for an initial phone discussion, and we are open to no win no fee arrangements on suitable cases. Our debt recovery department works on a percentage of fee recovered; that might be of interest to some.

Whatever your issue, you can be sure of practical, matter-of-fact advice from construction specialists with a combined experience of over 50 years. We will have come across most issues before, not a pandemic for sure, but we are ready to advise on force majeure (the unexpected) in existing contracts and in projects in the pipeline. Please call anytime between 9am and 8pm.

Jan’s number is 07702 846 850. Sean’s 07984 979349.

Keep well and we look forward to seeing you in person when things return to normal.


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