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Go Ahead for mixed-sex couples wanting Civil Partnerships

The government has finally announced that heterosexual couples in England and Wales will be able to enter a civil partnership rather than get married. Mike Follis head of Family Law at Davies and Partners welcomed the announcement.

The government has been under pressure to make this announcement following a human rights ruling by the Supreme Court.

Civil partnerships were only available to same-sex couples and were introduced before same-sex couples were permitted to marry.

Mike Follis, Head of Family Law at Davies and Partners welcomed the announcement. He said, "There are many long-term relationships in which couples do not wish to marry. However, the law treats them differently. It affects inheritance rights, tax reliefs, pension entitlements and other matters.
It is a personal decision but some people do not want to marry. Civil partnerships provide them with an option that can give benefits and financial security. I have seen cases in which an unmarried couple break up after a long relationship and they assume that they are ‘common law’ husband and wife with the same entitlement as a married couple. This is not the case and civil partnerships will provide an option for couples who choose not to marry."

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