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Renting business premises from a landlord

The commercial property team at Davies and Partners Solicitors has in-depth expertise and experience in acting for tenants in all aspects of business lease transactions.

If you are a commercial tenant, the commercial property team can assist you through the process of accepting a lease from a landlord; whether this is a lease of new premises or a renewal of your current lease.

Commercial leases are often complex long-term documents and Davies and Partners’ team of solicitors can help to steer you through the process of accepting a new lease or renewing a lease to an existing landlord. This will ensure that you fully understand your obligations to the landlord as their tenant and also understand the landlord’s obligations to you and your business for the length of your new lease.

As a tenant, we will usually prepare a report setting out the key terms of the lease before you enter into any contractual agreement with the landlord.

Our advice in this report will include our investigations into the property, a detailed summary of the terms of the lease and the implications of any other documents such as rent deposit deeds, deeds of guarantee or license for alterations. This will allow you to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the lease and commit to the property.

If you are a tenant with a current lease and wish to assign (transfer) your lease to someone else, Davies and Partners Solicitors will advise you on the best way to make an application to the landlord for consent to transfer the lease.
As an outgoing tenant you may have continuing obligations to the landlord in the event that, for example, the new tenant fails to pay rent to the landlord. We will ensure that you are fully aware of any continuing obligations and their effect.

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