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Personal: Divorce and family


Our dedicated family law team are all specialists in their field and include members of highly regarded Family Law Accreditation Schemes. Our team all have the experience and expertise to deal with family, matrimonial and children cases from the straightforward to the most complex.

You can be assured that all of our team are approachable and recognise the emotional turmoil that can often arise during relationship breakdown. It can be difficult to make decisions or understand the choices you have. We are pleased to offer a confidential initial free consultation for up to one hour with one of our solicitors so that we have time to fully appreciate your needs and priorities so we can advise you as to the options available.

We aim to provide you with the very best standards of service at a very competitive price.

If you would like to discuss your situation with please either send an email to 
or contact by telephone or email one of our team directly. Our team of experts not only act for clients who live near to our offices but also throughout the UK and those based overseas, in relation to English Law.


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What we do 

Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Our specialist team recognise that not everyone is ready for divorce when things go wrong and we have contacts with various professional agencies that may be able to help to repair a marriage. However if your marriage or civil partnership has broken down beyond repair we are able to help you deal with the formalities of bringing your relationship legally to an end. It is important that the divorce documents and any court acknowledgement of any petition are drafted carefully as, if not, in some cases it may be difficult or impossible to pursue your financial claims after the divorce is finalised, if you have remarried.

We offer a competitive fee structure and can agree on a fixed fee in straightforward cases and disbursements in straightforward cases. 


• Grounds for divorce/dissolution
Our fees
International aspects and ex-pats
• Nullity
• Judicial Separation


Financial Settlements
When your marriage breaks down it is important that you are able to resolve the financial issues in a way that results in a fair settlement for you and to allow you to plan your future both short term and longer term. Our team are aware that uncertainty over financial issues can be very worrying and we use our expertise to provide clear advice to achieve the best outcome for you and one that is legally binding. We are able to advise you as to what factors have to be taken into account when deciding how best to divide the assets.


It is important to be aware that the financial needs of any dependent children of the family are the first in a list of factors to be balanced in reaching a financial settlement. We have considerable experience in negotiating settlements and representing clients in court in relation to division of capital assets including the matrimonial home and other property, investments, pensions and income. We also have the expertise to deal with complex high net worth cases, business assets and high value pensions.


  • Financial disputes and settlements 

  • Consent Orders 

  • Deed of Separation 

  • Child maintenance 

  • School fees 

  • Preserving assets and income 

  • Wills

  • Pensions- special considerations

  • Military Divorce- special considerations

  • Business assets- special considerations

  • Farming cases – special considerations

  • Our fees

  • FAQ's


If your relationship breaks down whether you are married or not and you have children you may find it difficult to agree the future arrangements for the children with your former partner and not know what to do if you cannot agree. Our family team understand the many questions that can arise at this time- with which parent should your children have their main home? Would a shared care arrangement be practical or if not how often should the children spend overnight or other time with the parent they do not live with? What can be done if one parent refuses to allow the other to see the children? Does an unmarried father always have parental responsibility for their children?

We can advise you on any issues that arise concerning your children and always aim to negotiate agreements in a non-confrontational manner and if it becomes necessary to apply to court we can represent and guide you through the family court process.


  • Child Arrangement Orders (Residence and Contact orders) 
  • Parental Responsibility 

  • Specific Issue Order

  • Prohibited Steps Orders 

  • Child Abduction 

  • Special Guardianship Orders 

  • Unmarried parents

  • Grandparents

  • Adoption

  • Mediation

  • Collaborative Law

  • Our fees


Unmarried - Financial settlements

There are an increasing number of people who choose to live together rather than to get married but many are mistaken as to what financial claims they may have if their relationship breaks down. There is still a frequently repeated 'myth' that after living together for a period they become 'common law husband and wife' which is not true in England and Wales. The financial claims that can be made in these cases are very different from couples who are married. Whether you live in a property owned jointly with your partner or in the sole name of one we have the expertise to advice you on this complex area of law. If you have children together you may be able to make financial claims upon their behalf.


• Property claims
• Financial claims for children
Our fees

Planning to marry or live together?
If you are planning to buy a home with your partner or to marry speaking to a family lawyer may not be high on your list of priorities. However having a pre-nuptial or living together agreement can reduce potential conflict and cost in the future if your relationship does not work out as hoped. Pre-nuptial agreements are commonplace outside the UK and within divorce proceedings in this country the courts are giving increasing weight to the terms agreed and set out in such agreements. These agreements are more popular in certain circumstance such as: if one party contributes a much larger deposit when buying a house or brings considerably more wealth into the relationship than the other; one or both parties has or expects to receive a significant inheritance and in second marriages if one or both parties have children from a previous relationship and would like to preserve assets for them.


Pre-nuptial agreements
Living together agreements
• Financial help from Family
Our fees


Domestic Violence and Harrassment
All of our team recognise the huge stress and secrecy which surrounds domestic violence and that it takes many forms not just physical violence. People who suffer domestic violence often blame themselves for it or learn to live with it. Everyone has the right to lead their lives without fear or threat of violence. In our experience it is often only when the threat is removed that a client has the ability to lead a normal life and regain their self-respect. We understand the need for sensitive, sympathetic and timely advice.

We have expertise in acting for women and men who are victims of domestic violence or harassment. It is important to understand that domestic violence is a criminal offence and you should contact the police if you have fear for your safety. It is also possible to apply for injunctions in the family court or civil courts to seek protection from violence. Although legal aid is not available for most family disputes it is still available in many cases if domestic violence is involved. We can act for you on a privately paying basis but we do not offer legal aid. You can check if may be eligible at and if so you will be able to contact a firm of solicitors who offer legal aid to help you.


• Injunction order- Family Law Act
• Protection from harassment- Civil
Our Fees



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