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Dispute Resolution


For a single practice, Davies and Partners offers a unique range of Dispute Resolution techniques, combining the skills of highly experienced litigation lawyers with specialists in the key service areas of Mediation, Arbitration and Adjudication.


Each case is approached with a full understanding and appreciation of these processes and benefits. We guarantee to look at the whole picture before giving the best advice on how to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Rushing into court isn't the only option and we do all we can to resolve issues in a way that avoids it.



Litigation is the first and essential process in our Dispute Resolution suite of services. Our team has the expert manpower, support staff and technology to manage major litigation cases including bulk process.


Larger or complex cases are resourced with a team of professionals, supervised by a partner and frequently including a non-litigation lawyer drawn from a specialist department within the firm. We guarantee pragmatic and realistic advice, working in close partnership with our clients. Each case is directed with targeted and cost-effective case management and we'll agree a strategy for your case that fulfils your commercial priorities and achieves your objectives.



Only the second firm in the country to launch a specialist Alternative Dispute Resolution service in 1995, Davies and Partners has achieved proven success with Mediation in almost every area of commercial dispute. We are one of the few firms to mediate Employment disputes, including complex discrimination cases, and Head of Employment, Nigel Tillott is one of the country's most experienced commercial Mediators.


The benefits include:


  • cost effectiveness, especially in multi-party disputes
  • speed
  • flexibility
  • privacy
  • control


Most importantly mediation provides a way to maintain relationships beyond the dispute process, working towards pragmatic and creative solutions that all parties can accept. We are proud of our prowess in the use of mediation.



Increasingly the chosen dispute resolution process specified in commercial agreements, Arbitration is adaptable and industry-specific, swift, confidential and immediately enforceable through the courts.



Adjudication is now at the heart of Dispute Resolution in the Construction industry, providing compulsory 28-day resolution of construction disputes. Adjudication requires skilled professionals and our fully resourced team has the capability to work within the strict time constraints for case assembly demanded by the Adjudication process.


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