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Debt Recovery

Corporate: Debt recovery


Like many legal firms, Davies and Partners delivers a comprehensive service for credit control, asset recovery and debt collection, supporting both commercial and individual clients. Where we differ is our ability to apply a broad mix of technical knowledge, procedural know-how, skilled resources and persistence to deliver.


Our tightly managed and systematic approach ensures an extremely effective service for high volume invoice collections for major users, where an impact on cash flow can be achieved in just days.


With a proven track record of over 20 years in computer-driven debt recovery services, our team has a well-established, experienced and dedicated debt collection team, equipped and resourced to deal with volume activity, managed by professional specialists on hand when you call to give you immediate support and strategic advice.


With the close support of the firm's extensive insolvency and litigation teams, we act with speed against defaulters, examining all the options to ensure the most effective means of recovering debts and assets both in and out of court.


Our online facilities give us a clear financial profile of individual and corporate debtors, which means we add real value to our service, combining creativity with pragmatic advice on how best to secure recovery and payment.


Our service includes regular monthly reporting, detailing for every debtor in every case the recoveries against costs and court fees, with essential management information that can be tailored to whatever format you require. We operate within a highly competitive and straightforward fixed fee structure.


Most importantly we follow each case through to the end, which does not simply mean closing a deal or obtaining judgment, which is only part of the story. We have a complete understanding of the full range of enforcement procedures and a close relationship with bailiffs and sheriffs nationwide.


We know it's money in the bank that counts for our clients and we use our skills and specialist knowledge to deliver this.


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