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Tragic amputation inspires young lawyer to help others

Monday, 25 September 2017

A young lawyer from Davies and Partners Solicitors in Gloucester, who lost her leg following a road traffic accident, is using her own experiences of battling through life changing injuries, to help support others who have been injured, as she will shortly become a specialist personal Injury and medical negligence lawyer.


Annabelle Turner, 27 from Gloucester, lost her leg half way through the final year of her undergraduate law degree, following a road traffic accident in 2011. With incredible bravery and determination, Annabelle struggled on to complete her degree, missing only one week of university, and graduating just six months later with a 2:1.


Annabelle’s interest in this specialist area of the law began in her final year of her undergraduate degree when she studied Medicine and the Law. She said, “I am now proud to be working at Davies and Partners Solicitors as a Trainee Solicitor and soon to be qualifying into their renowned Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence department. This personal experience does not make me an expert, but it gives me a valuable insight and a unique perspective when working on a claim for clients. I am well-knowledged about what it is like to go through a claim whilst facing the challenges of a life-changing injury and at the same time trying to piece your life back together.”


Reunited with Dance through Osseo Integration Surgery
Before she lost her leg, Annabelle was a competitive dancer and cheerleader and one of the biggest challenges she had to face was losing dance from her life. Last summer Annabelle travelled to Australia to undergo Osseo Integration surgery, performed by esteemed Professor Munjed Al Muderis. 


Osseo Integration Surgery is based on the ability of human bone cells to attach to a metal surface. In a two-step surgical procedure a metal (titanium) implant is inserted and cemented into the bone of the limb and this implant penetrates through the skin. The artificial limb (prosthesis) is then attached to this implant with a connector.

This surgery has transformed Annabelle’s life and, most importantly of all, it has reunited her with the love of dance and opened a door that she thought was well and truly closed.

Following her successful surgery Annabelle has been invited to speak this week at the international PACE Rehabilitation Annual Conference on 26 September in London. Before she speaks Annabelle will be performing a five-minute dance routine for the audience. She will then speak about how Osseo Integration surgery has changed her life, the importance of being physically active and her experiences on both sides of the legal table - as a client and now as a trainee solicitor working in personal injury and medical negligence.

Annabelle concludes, “This is an incredible experience to be speaking at the PACE Conference and to be able to perform dance again. Throughout my recovery and with my work at Davies and Partners, I have met many people facing very difficult and life altering situations and I have watched their recoveries with admiration. My personal experience, fuels me with the passion and dedication to achieve the deserved results for each and every individual client, I hope to represent in my future career.”


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